How does our online store work?

In line with our ecological values and in accordance with the "eco-school" status of Lycée Jean Renoir, we have opted for a group ordering system. This method not only reduces environmental impact but also simplifies the distribution of products.

Purchase procedure

1. Opening of orders : Parents can place an order directly on our website. When purchasing, you will have the choice of collecting your order on the Giesing or Sendling site.

2. Bulk Order : All orders are processed and placed in bulk to minimize travel and carbon footprint.

3. Email Notification : Once orders are ready for pickup, an email will be sent to you to select a date.

4. Distribution : The delivery of orders is carried out by the Elternbeirat or the APELM during defined appointments. You will be asked for your order number.

We thank you for your commitment to our eco-responsible initiative and we look forward to seeing you at our distribution sites!