About us

The LJR eShop was born from the desire to bring together all members of the school community through products in the school colors.

Offering a range of products in the school colors is not a new idea, but its implementation represents a real challenge: management of financial flows, creation of legal structures, investment in time and organization. This is why the parents' associations, Elternbeirat and APELM, as well as Maison Rouchon GmbH, have decided to combine their know-how to make this wonderful project a reality.

Our mission

The profits generated by our activities are intended to finance the operation of group product purchasing campaigns and to support the school community.

The school cooperatives from Giesing & Sendling use these funds to:

  • participation in educational outings: zoo, museums, theater, ice rink, puppets, etc.
  • subscriptions to periodicals: 1 annual subscription per class
  • educational projects: Francofolie school newspaper, visiting authors, Kangaroo, Koala competition, speech competition, etc.
  • individual financial assistance to families for green classes
  • Lectures

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Parent associations: Elternbeirat and APELM

The Elternbeirat and APELM play a key role in the selection of products, the choice of designs and colors, and the provision of logos. These associations also manage the distribution of orders on the Giesing and Sendling sites.

Maison Rouchon GmbH

Maison Rouchon is responsible for the creation and management of the eshop-ljr.de site, the selection of service providers, the management of orders and the receipt of products, as well as the organization of their batching and their transport to the Giesing and Sendling sites. Maison Rouchon also acts as a legal representative for the purchase of personalized products.

Maison Rouchon GmbH

Geschäftsführer: Augustin Rouchon
Anschrift: Feuerbachstr. 2, 81549 Munich
Telephone: 0151 56332166
Email: info@maisonrouchon.com
Site of the Gesellschaft: Munich
Handelsregister beim Amtsgericht München: HRB287455
Ust-ID: DE363918640